Connecting Cultures

Multicultural Day Camps

Watch this space for details of our 2024 camps... 

A fun, healthy, and engaging exploration of other cultures 

Our Philosophy

Whistler Multicultural Society (WMS) aims to bring cultures together for positive intercultural interactions. WMS programs build cross-cultural connections, develop awareness and understanding of our local diversity, and seek to grow equity and inclusion. We believe that by experiencing aspects of different cultures in a fun and supportive environment, children will gain a different perspective which will help them develop a life-long curiosity and interest in valuing and promoting diversity and inclusion.  

Our goal for the Multicultural Day Camps is to introduce children to local cultures represented in Whistler in a fun, safe, and enquiring environment. Each Day Camp is led by local immigrants who customize each day's activities with their own cultural heritage: their language, food, games, crafts, music, song, and dance. 

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Crafts, art, and other cultural activities

In 2023, we enjoyed learning about Taiwan, Philippines, Brazil, Korea and Ukraine...

Thank you to all our 2023 Camp Facilitators

Yami Yeung, Lead Facilitator

My name is Yami from Hong Kong. I have been living in Whistler for 4 years. I love snowboarding and hiking. I have a few years of experience working with kids and now I am working for Whistler Multicultural Society. 

Sanio Kao

My name is Sanio from Taiwan. I have been living in Whistler for 2 winter seasons. I

always work with people from all around the world and love to share my culture with the

friends I meet. I am very excited to share Taiwan culture at the Summer Camp 2023!

Oleksandra Onofreichuk

Hello! I'm Ukrainian and I absolutely love being outdoors and trying new things, whether it's playing games, exploring nature, or getting creative with arts and crafts. One thing that really makes me happy is exploring different cultures. That's why I'm so excited to be here in Canada!

Suin Lee

My name is Suin from South Korea.

I came to Canada in 2008 and have lived in Whistler since 2010. I studied computer science in Korea and here in Whistler I have worked in the hospitality industry for many years. Now, I have 2 kids, 7 years old daughter and 5 years old son who make my life much more fun. 

Larissa Queiroz

My name is Larissa from Brazil.

I have been living in Whistler since 2018 and fell in love in this paradise. I love being out in nature, enjoy the sun and meeting different people in the world. I like to share my culture through music, food and dance. 

Looking forward to another great week next year...  

Our thanks to the Resort Municipality of Whistler for supporting this program through the Community Enrichment Program 2023.